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5 Of The Scariest Horror Games You Can Play On PS5

Horror games are a more interactive version of our beloved horror films, offering more immersion for more intense scares. The Playstation5 has a lot of thrills to offer the most

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Despite The Secrecy, Ardent Fans Discover About PS5 Features To Expect In 2023

In 2023, Sony has enormous plans for the PlayStation 5 platform, including new hardware, video games, and much more. Sony

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The 10 Most Exciting PSVR 2 Games

If you’re one of the lucky gamers that owns a PSVR unit, then you’ll know just how exciting and immersive

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Knockout Gaming: The Best Boxing Titles for PlayStation 5

The noble sport of boxing has a long and storied history. We don’t know exactly when boxing began, simply because

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Which are the most popular casino games to play on PS5?

Since being launched in the mid-1990s, Sony’s PlayStation has reigned supreme in the console world. As the latest edition of the Japanese tech giants flagship machine, the PS5 shows why

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The Ongoing Popularity Of The FIFA Franchise

FIFA video games are a popular series of sports titles that have been around since the early 1990s and continue

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How To Make The Perfect Gaming Room For Your PS5 In 2021

The PlayStation 5 is a truly remarkable console. Scarcity problems aside, reviewers all over the world have been singing its

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5 Things Sony Could Address With a PS5

The supercharged Playstation 4 impressed us with its 4K graphics compatibility which allowed gaming to explode into life through your

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PS5 Accessories

Fix Guide: PS5 Controller Won’t Stop Vibrating

The DualSense is a great controller, but unfortunately, it can still suffer from its fair share of hardware issues. Whether

Fix Guide: PS5 Controller Flashing Blue

There are few feelings worse than your PS5 controller suddenly throwing up some kind of error. Whether it’s the controller

PSVR 2 – Price, Release Date, Features, And More

There are many who believe that VR gaming is the future. It’s hard to disagree with them; when you strap

The 10 Best Games On PlayStation Plus Premium

After the June reboot, the highest PlayStation Plus tier you can currently buy is the Premium tier. It’ll cost you

How To Reset PS5 Controller

According to Sony, the goal for the PS5’s DualSense controller was to iterate on the DualShock 4 without taking away

The Best PS5 Racing Wheels

The PS5 doesn’t have an incredible library of racing games yet, but that library is expanding all the time. With