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How To Unlock Camos In Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Just like previous games in the Call of Duty series, there’s plenty of stuff to unlock in Black Ops Cold War. Depending on whether you purchase the game’s Battle Pass

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Voice Recognition: A Big PS5 Feature?

Many smart devices now allow you to utilize the power of your vocal cords, namely; voice recognition. It's an easy

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How To Pre-order A PS5 – The Ultimate Guide

If you’ve been keeping up with gaming news recently, you may have seen that pre-ordering a PlayStation 5 has been

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A Few Thoughts on The PS5 Dev Kit

Excited gamers are now in the clear, rumors aside, the PS5 will be arriving later in 2020. However, many are

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Why The PS5 Will Beat The Xbox Series X

Thanks to The Game Awards, we now have a definite name and face for Microsoft’s newest console. It’s called the Xbox Series X and it resembles a PC tower. The

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The Best PS5 Games Of 2021 – Resident Evil Village

Do Resident Evil games need to be consistently scary in order to be good? It’s a question worth pondering as

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PlayStation5: Some of the most widely asked questions and their answers

The official name of the console isn’t confirmed yet but we do know that this is a confirmed news. It

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The Best 4K Gaming Monitor – Does Desklab Make the PS5 Cut?

If you had a PlayStation or Xbox back in the day, you’d simply plug it into your TV and mash

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PS5 Accessories

The 10 Best Games On PlayStation Plus Premium

After the June reboot, the highest PlayStation Plus tier you can currently buy is the Premium tier. It’ll cost you

How To Reset PS5 Controller

According to Sony, the goal for the PS5’s DualSense controller was to iterate on the DualShock 4 without taking away

The Best PS5 Racing Wheels

The PS5 doesn’t have an incredible library of racing games yet, but that library is expanding all the time. With

The Best PS5 Travel Cases

The PS5 is a pretty unwieldy beast. When it was originally announced, the console became the subject of controversy for

PS5 Warranty Guide – Duration, What It Covers, And More

Sometimes, through no fault of your own (or, for that matter, of Sony’s), your PS5 will simply stop working. Perhaps

PS5 Global Availability Update – June 2022

Although the PS5 is a great console, it’s hard to argue that it hasn’t been blighted by availability issues. Trying