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Best PS5 Golf Games

Nowadays, almost everyone enjoys playing video games at home during their free time. PlayStation has been launching its series in the market and marking its territory. PS5 is the latest

PS5 Home PS5 Home 7 Min Read

12 Best PS5 Co-Op Games To Play Right Now

There’s something to be said for co-op gameplay. While we’re all about competitive multiplayer gaming, establishing our superiority against whoever

PS5 Home PS5 Home 8 Min Read

Everything To Know About The PS5 DualSense Edge Controller

If there’s one secret weapon the PS5 has up its sleeve, it’s the DualSense. Many reviewers have pointed to the

PS5 Home PS5 Home 7 Min Read

How To Close PS5 Applications

If there’s one area where PlayStation gamers are divided when it comes to the PS5, it’s the console’s user interface.

PS5 Home PS5 Home 7 Min Read

The Relationship Between PS5 and Bitcoin

One of the biggest industries in the world in today’s world is definitely the gaming one. There are millions of people worldwide who play games online on a daily basis.

PS5 Home PS5 Home 4 Min Read

PlayStation Casino-Themed Video Games with Cheats & Screenshots

The gaming industry collects a variety of entertainment options for players from absolutely anywhere worldwide. PlayStation from Sony was released

PS5 Home PS5 Home 20 Min Read

Rockstar, GTA6 and PlayStation 5

The potency of the PlayStation 5 will be clear, games will load faster and be far more detailed visually; the

Jay Allsopp Jay Allsopp 4 Min Read

Warner Bros Announces Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League For 2022

Warner Bros has announced Rocksteady’s latest project set in the Batman: Arkham universe. Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League will

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PS5 Accessories

PSVR 2 – Price, Release Date, Features, And More

There are many who believe that VR gaming is the future. It’s hard to disagree with them; when you strap

How To Resolve A PS5 Controller Blinking Blue

The DualSense controller really is a marvel of engineering. Many reviewers have pointed to the PS5’s controller as the component

How To Reset PS5 Controller

According to Sony, the goal for the PS5’s DualSense controller was to iterate on the DualShock 4 without taking away

The Best PS5 Racing Wheels

The PS5 doesn’t have an incredible library of racing games yet, but that library is expanding all the time. With

The Best PS5 Travel Cases

The PS5 is a pretty unwieldy beast. When it was originally announced, the console became the subject of controversy for

PS5 Warranty Guide – Duration, What It Covers, And More

Sometimes, through no fault of your own (or, for that matter, of Sony’s), your PS5 will simply stop working. Perhaps