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10 Games That Should Be On PS5

The PS5 is a magical console, but it does have its shortcomings. A little more storage space would be nice, for example, and if the wizards over at the Sony labs could figure out how to make the console just a little smaller, we wouldn’t complain. However, one of the shortcomings of the PS5 that arguably isn’t Sony’s fault is the holes in its software library. The PS5 has one of the biggest and most compelling game libraries of the current generation, but it could always expand. Here are 10 games that should be on PS5.

1. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

CS:GO is one of the biggest games in the world, so it stands to reason that it should be available on consoles. It’s not, though; the game has only ever been on PC, meaning that players who want to take advantage of bonuses like CSGORoll codes can only do so if they’ve got a moderately powerful machine. Seeing CS:GO on PS5 would expand the player base drastically, and it would also introduce an entire audience to a brand new and exciting shooter for their console.

2. Halo

For many years, Halo has been the Xbox ecosystem’s biggest weapon against PlayStation, but now that many developers and publishers are reaching across the console divide, we’d like to see Halo come to the PS5 (as unlikely as it may seem). Bringing The Master Chief Collection across to PlayStation would be a great way for Sony-loyal gamers to experience one of the biggest and most sprawling sci-fi shooter sagas of all time, so let’s hope it happens.

3. Starfield

We don’t know too much about Bethesda’s upcoming sci-fi open-world RPG epic yet, but we do know that it’s not going to launch on PlayStation, at least not initially. After Microsoft bought Bethesda last year, Bethesda games became exclusively first-party Xbox propositions, so at the very least, Sony gamers can hope for a timed exclusive. However, that’s not looking likely, so we’ll have to pine for this one indefinitely (or buy a PC).

4. Baldur’s Gate III

The hotly-anticipated third instalment in the Baldur’s Gate series isn’t making its way to consoles at all, it seems, let alone the PS5. We think that’s a criminal missed opportunity, because Baldur’s Gate is one of the most beloved RPG franchises of all time. It wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to imagine this one being playable on consoles with just a few user interface adjustments, so here’s hoping that Larian sees fit to bring it to the PS5 sometime soon.

5. Triangle Strategy

Octopath Traveler was a beautiful, if flawed, Switch RPG that eventually made its way to other platforms. At time of writing, however, Triangle Strategy is still a Switch exclusive. It’s a Final Fantasy Tactics-esque strategy RPG with a deep, compelling storyline and a complex set of tactical systems to get to grips with. The Switch is a great platform for it, because it allows you to play in shorter bursts, but this game’s gorgeous HD2D graphics would look even better on PS5.

6. Diablo Immortal

Okay, so Diablo Immortal was designed to be played on smartphones, and yes, it’s one of the most controversial entries in the otherwise-adored Diablo series. We’d still like a chance to play it on PS5, though, especially with development on Diablo IV apparently not moving any time soon. Diablo Immortal is a free-to-play action RPG in which you’ll delve into dungeons for a chance to slay monsters and gather epic loot, and with Blizzard’s characteristic style all over it, too. A PS5 release would be great.

7. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chornobyl

In light of the recent atrocities in Ukraine, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 developer GSC Game World indefinitely paused development on the game. When it does launch, however, it’ll arrive on Xbox consoles and PC, largely thanks to a deal between Microsoft and GSC to bring the game to Xbox Game Pass on day one. It’s a shame, because we’d really like to see this intriguing shooter franchise on PlayStation, where its moody, atmospheric post-apocalyptic landscapes would surely find a home.

8. Half-Life: Alyx

Rumours of a Half-Life: Alyx PSVR port continue to swirl, but as yet, they’re unsubstantiated. Valve does have a history of console porting; it brought the Portal series, as well as Half-Life 2, to PS3 via the Orange Box, but Left 4 Dead remains an Xbox exclusive. Half-Life: Alyx is perhaps the only killer app VR has right now; it’s the only game that single-handedly justifies the purchase of a VR headset (if you’ve got the money, of course), so imagine how many PSVR 2 units it could shift.

9. Ooblets

While the PS5 has no shortage of cute life simulator games, there’s something uniquely adorable about the world of Ooblets that makes us want to experience it on PS5. It’s a life sim in which you must collect creatures a la Pokemon, but you can also have your Ooblets help you on your farm by carrying out tasks like operating machines or even doing battle (dance battle, that is) with other Ooblets. This is an adorable-looking game and we’re very sad it isn’t coming to PlayStation.

10. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Yeah, yeah, we know. There’s absolutely no chance that Pokemon will ever appear on a Sony console, largely because Nintendo entirely controls the rights to it. Still, the Pokemon series is struggling on Switch, at least from a technical standpoint; while the games remain eminently playable, they could do with a visual and performance boost, and the PS5 could amply provide that. Imagine a Pokemon game powered by the PS5’s tech. It would truly be a sight to behold.     

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