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The Best PS5 Racing Wheels

The PS5 doesn’t have an incredible library of racing games yet, but that library is expanding all the time. With the (relatively) recent release of Gran Turismo 7, the PS5

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The Best PS5 Games For July 2022

When it comes to gaming, there are big months and there are small months. Generally speaking, bigger months happen around

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What Is A Single Use Restricted PS5?

We’re almost two years into the PS5’s life cycle now, and Sony’s newest console is showing no signs of slowing

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3 Reasons Why Plinko Is So Popular

Have you ever heard of The Price is Right? One of television’s longest-running game show, with both American and British

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The Best PS5 Games For August 2022

The August game release schedule is looking a little dry, but there’s still plenty to be excited about if you’re a PS5 gamer. Whether you’re a fan of brutally punishing

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Godfall; The first Game announced for PS5

As we approach 2020, expect plenty of exciting news to land surrounding the PS5. Are you excited about the announcement

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Should Sony’s Next Console be Discless?

Without speculation and rumours, we would neglect the future possibilities. Pondering, wondering, dreaming are just three of the ingredients involved

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Classic Games That Appear on PS5

The PS5 is at the forefront of games development and the hardware that makes it all possible, playing host to

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PS5 Accessories

How To Resolve A PS5 Controller Blinking Blue

The DualSense controller really is a marvel of engineering. Many reviewers have pointed to the PS5’s controller as the component

The Best PS5 Travel Cases

The PS5 is a pretty unwieldy beast. When it was originally announced, the console became the subject of controversy for

PS5 Warranty Guide – Duration, What It Covers, And More

Sometimes, through no fault of your own (or, for that matter, of Sony’s), your PS5 will simply stop working. Perhaps

PS5 Global Availability Update – June 2022

Although the PS5 is a great console, it’s hard to argue that it hasn’t been blighted by availability issues. Trying

Why Is The PS5 So Expensive?

In November 2020, Sony released the PlayStation 5 to almost unanimously positive reviews. Critics praised the console’s incredibly fast loading

The Best 4K Gaming Monitor – Does Desklab Make the PS5 Cut?

If you had a PlayStation or Xbox back in the day, you’d simply plug it into your TV and mash