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PC Gaming Is Good, But PS5 Gaming Will Be Better

When it comes to gaming feuds, there are few fiercer than the age-old “PC versus console” debate. Which is superior? Do PCs provide the ultimate gaming experience or are consoles the better option? Naturally, the answer to this question depends on a whole host of variables which may or may not apply to you. There’s no right or wrong answer, which may feel disappointing, but it’s true. That is, until Sony’s next-gen console comes along in 2020 and blows PC gaming out of the water.

If you’re a PC gamer, you’re probably getting quite angry right about now. “How can the PlayStation 5 be superior to the PC?” you cry. “PC gaming has always been better than console gaming.” Well, that’s true and it isn’t true. There are things PC gaming excels at, and there are things for which you want console gaming. Neither of them is the “right” option, but the PlayStation 5 will come the closest a console ever has to making PC gaming feel obsolete. Here are just some of the reasons for that.

The PS5 will be more comfortable

Let’s face it – sitting down at a cramped desk and bending forwards over the keyboard and mouse to game just isn’t fun. Of course, not all PC gamers will use this as their setup, but it remains a fact of life that PC gaming is just less comfortable unless you spend a lot of money. Conversely, the PlayStation 5 will require just two things: a TV and a place to put the console. Your living room is the perfect setting for the PS5, so you’ll be more comfortable while you game.

PC gaming requires constant upgrades

Avid PC gamers will know the joys of reaching into the machine and upgrading its components. Whether you’re installing more RAM or a new graphics card, it’s great fun to tinker. It can, however, get annoying, not to mention expensive, to keep replacing parts in this way. The PS5 will be a monstrously powerful machine and you won’t need to upgrade or replace it every couple of years like you would with a PC. There may be a mid-cycle upgrade a la the PS4 Pro, but this likely won’t be essential.

The game library will be better on PS5

While the PlayStation 5 and PC will share many titles, Sony will be looking to cue up some exclusive games for its platform. The gaming giant already owns the rights to several of the most exciting exclusive franchises around; God of War, The Last of Us, and Uncharted are all PlayStation-exclusive games, so the PS5 will be expected to continue this incredible legacy. The PC’s lineup will be fine, of course, into the foreseeable future, but the PS5 has it beat on this front.

The PS5 will emphasise audio

Unlike the PC, which requires either a decent set of headphones or a good speaker system to reproduce quality sound, the PlayStation 5 will be focusing on creating a virtual surround experience using only your TV speakers. You won’t need any external sound equipment to take advantage of the console’s incredible range and depth of dynamic expression. If you’re an audio fiend, you’re definitely better off opting for the PS5 over a gaming PC.

It’s more convenient to game on the PS5

Got a couple of friends over? Want to fire up a quick round of Rocket League? You don’t go straight to your PC to do that, right? No – you opt for your PS4, because it’s in a more central setting and more easily accessible to multiple players. That’ll remain the case with the PlayStation 5, which will continue Sony’s reign in the area of couch co-op and competitive multiplayer gaming. There’s just something simple about grabbing a controller, setting up a game, and getting started.

The PS5 will almost certainly be cheaper

If you want to play top-of-the-range games on a PC, you probably need to shell out a huge amount for the privilege. This does make sense to a certain degree; after all, you’re not just buying a gaming machine, you’re investing in an office machine too. The PS5, though, will be able to keep costs down for two reasons: one, Sony sells consoles as “loss leaders”, which means it doesn’t need to make a profit on its machines, and two, it’s a dedicated gaming machine. If you don’t want to spend too much, go for the PS5.

The library on PS5 will be unified

When you’re setting up games on your PlayStation 5, they’ll all be in one place, easy for you to find and launch. Conversely, on the PC, there are several different launchers, each of which claims different exclusive games and features. There’s a lot of controversy right now around Steam and the Epic Games Store; many consumers don’t want to be split in where their gaming library is. Your PlayStation 5 won’t have this problem, and all of your games will be in a centralised location.

PlayStation is a household name

You can trust Sony to get it right. After all, the company has knocked it out of the park each and every time it’s created and sold a console. The PS1, PS2, PS3, and PS4 were all smash hit successes, so why would the PS5 be any different? PCs are made and sold by many different manufacturers, and you can never be quite sure whether you’re getting quality or not. That’s not the case with the PS5; each and every machine is the same, so you know that what you’ve got is pure gaming class.

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Liam Davis
Liam Davis
2 years ago

Press X to Doubt

2 years ago

This is singlehandedly the most stupid article I have ever read on the internet. Maybe ever. This is a prime example of console peasantry at it’s finest.