Here you will find editorials relating to Sony's upcoming PS5 game console.

Best PS5 games for beginners

A PlayStation 5 adds plenty of extra force to its superb yet ever increasing collection of games, helping them all appear superior than ever, if they released on the device itself, spanned the space between the previous as well as

Top 5 trending games for ps5

The constantly rare and valuable PlayStation 5 remains difficult to obtain, and especially when you do, it's difficult to find titles that challenge the device to its limits. You want next-gen visuals when you're spending a next-gen

10 Features We Wish The PS5 Had

We love the PS5; obviously we do, or else we wouldn’t have started an entire website dedicated to it. Sony’s current-gen console looks wonderful, runs silently, and has one of the best controllers gaming has ever produced. With that said, there