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How to understand RTP

No matter what online casino game is your game of choice, you are bound to have come across the term RTP. It appears whether you are looking at slots, table games, or any other games that you may try your hand at. When you look at this you will see that there can be a huge variation. You may find a live RTP slot that comes in with a high percentage and a progressive jackpot slot with one that seems a little on the low side. Either way, it is important to understand what this actually means so that you can make an informed decision about the games that you want to play.

It could be that you already have a grasp of what is meant by RTP and you already consider this when choosing your favourite slots to play. If, on the other hand, you have no idea what this term means then fear not! We’re here to help so read on and soon you’ll be in the know. 

A summary of RTP

Looking at RTP can get a little confusing so first, we’re going to give you a really simple summary of what it actually means. RTP stands for return to player. In one sense, this is almost self-explanatory: it describes how much a slot, or other casino game, will pay back to players. You’ll often see it represented as a percentage. The RTP of casino games vary widely but games such as blackjack are well known for having those on the higher side.

A basic example of how RTP works can be seen by assuming that a slot has an RTP of 98%. If you made 100 spins at £1 each, the RTP would mean you’d get £98 back. However, the RTP is based on millions of spins and so it never works out exactly that way. After all, who would ever wager if you knew you were always going to play at a loss?

How RTP can get a little complicated

The basics of RTP are simple enough, but knowing that you’d win only £98 for every £100 you wager would be pretty boring. It is, to some extent, the unpredictability of slots that makes them so exciting to play. You never know quite a game will payout and you’re never sure how much it will bring you. The same with other casino games – it is the element of chance that adds to the thrill of it all.

Slots, and games that rely on random number generators, will always be programmed to return a set percentage of what is wagered. What leads to this never being quite as straightforward as it seems is the array of features that games contain. The number of paylines or bonus features can all have an impact on RTP and exactly how a slot will payout.

Common myths around RTP

While RTP is an important factor when it comes to casino games, it is also something that is often misinterpreted. Some of the myths that you’re likely to hear include:

Online casinos fix the RTP

This simply isn’t true. It is the developers behind the games that set the RTP. The casinos that host the games have no control over this.

RTP doesn’t matter when playing a single session 

This one is a little tricky. Where it is true that RTP is established over millions of games, it still has some relevance when it comes to a single game or single spin.

RTP and variance are the same thing

Variance is a way of showing how a game will realise its RTP. It is not the same thing although they are closely linked. 

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