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The Best 4K Gaming Monitor – Does Desklab Make the PS5 Cut?

If you had a PlayStation or Xbox back in the day, you’d simply plug it into your TV and mash the controller buttons until you had enough fun for one day. There was no such thing as Desklab or even a conversation about the best gaming monitor with earlier iterations of gaming platforms.

Over time, gaming consoles got better, and so did the way to view the action. Eventually, gaming monitors entered the discussion and were viewed as serious contenders.

But is the best 4K gaming monitor worth the investment for console gaming?

With the arrival of PS5, this discussion makes more sense now than ever.

What Makes the PS5 Different?

Next-gen graphics and many exclusive AAA titles are peanuts compared to what makes the PS5 a standout gaming console.

This gaming platform doubled the maximum FPS of the previous generation of consoles to an impressive 120 FPS. While it didn’t yet hit the coveted 144Hz refresh rate of modern PC gaming, this was a giant leap forward for console designers and users.

Playing games like DOOM Eternal, DIRT 5, Destiny 2, Call of Duty, Apex Legends, and other fast-paced titles at 120 FPS is a new experience for PlayStation users. However, as more titles enable higher FPS settings, having the right monitor support can make or break your experience.

So, what does this mean?

It means that the Desklab, although having a 15.6-inch screen size, can be a perfect match for a PS5 console, thanks to its 120Hz refresh rate.

It’s arguable the best ultralight portable 4K gaming monitor for console players who don’t want to sacrifice quality and performance even if they’re traveling.

Introducing a Beastly IPS 4K Touchscreen Monitor

Desklab is a relatively new brand that focuses on a simple concept – improving and pushing portable ultralight monitors to the limits of quality and performance.

This monitor is arguably best-suited for PCs, laptops, and most mobile devices. After all, who wouldn’t want to give their phone a 15.6-inch 4K touchscreen monitor?

But lately, we’ve seen the Desklab enter a new space. These days it’s an exciting choice for console gamers, whether as a backup display or a portable solution.

This monitor comes with universal compatibility. So it can be paired with pretty much any console, mobile gaming platform, or desktop rig. Of all its potential pairings, the PS5 one shows immense promise.

The console has been designed to render up to 120 FPS at a 4K resolution. A few years ago, buying a Desklab for a PS4 wouldn’t have made much sense. The device wasn’t powerful enough to unlock the monitor’s true potential.

But the PS5 can take advantage of everything this 4K gaming monitor has to offer.

And even if you don’t have access to titles capable of running at 120 FPS, your games should still run smoother with less tearing and more fluidity. Because whether you’re a casual or pro gamer, stuttering is the last thing you want to see.

Desklab Features

Each user has specific preferences that factor into their buying decisions. Otherwise, everyone would simply buy the same monitor.

So, let’s go over what makes this pick a strong contender for the best portable gaming monitor title.

Game-Ready Features

The Desklab monitor comes with an IPS display capable of delivering amazing 1080p FHD and 2160p 4k UHD resolutions. It also features True LED backlighting technology and colors almost twice as bright as what you get from standard monitors.

Its compatibility with gaming consoles is a huge plus, and the 10ms response time can give you an edge over your competitors in fast-paced shooters, fighting, and racing-style games.

In addition, the designers addressed one of the most severe issues gamers have to face – eye fatigue. Intensive gaming takes its toll on your vision, regardless of screen size or distance from the monitor. Therefore, this display has anti-glare technology, low blue light, and low flicker settings to minimize eye strain and protect gamers.

Users can also benefit from the 178-degrees viewing angle that enables multiple mounting options.


Super thin and lightweight, this monitor is a breeze to carry around for various activities. Standing at just 15.6 inches and weighing around 1.3 lbs., this 4K gaming monitor is more convenient to travel with than most laptops or iPads.

It can also be powered by a standard AC adapter, or draw power from the connected gaming rig. However, mobile devices and consoles don’t have enough juice to support the feature-loaded display.

Furthermore, you can charge devices through the monitor if you lack a charger or sufficient wall sockets.


Like most modern monitors, the Desklab allows users to fully customize their screens to fit their preferred gaming style. Using the lateral menu buttons, you can adjust the brightness, contrast, sharpness, and color intensity features.

However, the monitor lacks pre-configured, optimized settings that could make finding the right picture settings easier.


You can order this monitor with its custom magnetic kickstand. This addresses one of the monitor’s biggest issues – stability.

While it still won’t be as balanced and stable as a big desktop gaming monitor, the stand does a good job of providing users with a pleasant viewing angle. In addition, this also acts as a screen protector.

The Best Portable Gaming Monitor

Since most PS5 gamers are used to big screens, Desklab might not be the premier choice for gaming monitors. However, not everyone has access to a 4K TV with a gaming-ready refresh rate.

And after all is said and done, you can really take your TV with you on the road. What sets this ultralight portable 4K gaming monitor apart is its portability, 4K resolution, high refresh rate, and cross-platform compatibility. They’re all features hard to find in an all-in-one solution package, especially at an affordable price point.

So, if you’re interested in getting the most out of your PS5 and have access to 4K on the go for all of your devices, the new Desklab monitor could be the ultimate choice.

To learn more about this product, feel free to visit its official website at and take a more in-depth look at its features and specifications.

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