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PS5 Portable – How To Travel With Your PS5

The PS5 can be described as many things – powerful, exciting, sleek-looking – but one thing it can’t be called is small. Even those who advocate for the PS5’s somewhat divisive design would never argue that it was a dainty machine. Some people have had trouble finding space for their PS5 underneath their TVs, even if they’ve got a relatively spacious TV table. With that in mind, you may be wondering how you can make your PS5 portable, especially if you’re planning to travel with it.

The good news is that it is entirely possible to travel with your PS5. Although the machine is sizable, it really isn’t much bigger than a lot of its historical precedents and rivals have been, so it shouldn’t be too much work to make your PS5 portable. You won’t even need to make any actual modifications to the machine, so if you’re planning to travel with your PS5 – whether it’s just to a friend’s house or away on holiday – here’s our guide on how to go mobile with your PS5.

Buy yourself a carry case

If you want to turn your PS5 portable, you’re going to need a seriously heavy-duty carry case. The PS5 was not, after all, designed to be taken with you when you go places, so if you drop it or mishandle it, you could do serious and lasting damage to it. That’s why it’s important to buy a case that will house your console and all of its accessories. The best PS5 travel cases are hard-wearing, compact, and easy to carry, so you should be able to take them with you on a train or a bus if necessary.

Grab a portable monitor

Sometimes, you’re taking your PS5 on more than just a short trip. You need your PS5 portable for more than a couple of hours; it’s going to be a week or two, and you won’t be able to access an entertainment system on which to play games. When that’s the case, you might also want to invest in a portable monitor you can hook your PS5 up to. It won’t look as nice as your standard setup – and the chances are the monitor either won’t support 4K or the screen will be so small it won’t make a difference – but it’ll do for the purpose.

Keep it in whichever luggage you like

When you’re thinking about how to keep your PS5 portable, you might be wondering whether you can take it with you on a plane when you travel. The good news is that you can, and it doesn’t matter which luggage you put it in; it’s acceptable in both hand luggage and checked luggage. This is because it doesn’t contain a battery that’s capable of running by itself without external power. Although it does have liquid cooling mechanisms, these don’t seem to matter for airport security purposes.

Keep it hidden

Seriously. We can’t stress this point enough. As a PS5 owner, your console is in demand. It’s one thing to have your PS5 portable and following you around on tour, but it’s quite another to flaunt it and let everyone know you have one. The situation with the PS5 was so dire at one point that gangs were literally stopping deliveries and raiding them for consoles. Wherever possible, keep your PS5 hidden from view, and don’t let anybody know that you have it.

Don’t forget your games

If you have the PS5 Digital Edition, this won’t be a problem for you. Make sure that when you do take your PS5 travelling, you also take your games. Many are the times we’ve gleefully packed our gaming devices into our suitcases, only to realise at the last second that we don’t have anything with us to play on them. Don’t let that be you. If you get a good, high-quality carrying case, you’ll probably be able to store your games in the same place as your console, which is handy.

Make sure to take the stand off

Whichever orientation you’ve currently got your PS5 sitting at – whether it’s vertical or horizontal – you need to use the stand in order to keep it upright. Don’t forget to detach that stand when you pack the console. It adds an extra unnecessary element to worry about when you’re trying to fit the machine into your luggage, and if you don’t detach the stand, it could get damaged while it’s attached to your PS5. Store it in the same place as the console, but don’t keep it attached.

Remove the outer plates

You can take the PS5’s side plates off the console, and if you’re planning to travel, you may wish to do this in order to reduce its overall size. All you need to do is grab the PlayStation logo located near the back of the console, then pull outward. It’ll start to lift upwards. Once it does this, simply slide the plate downward, then repeat this process for the opposing side of your console. Voila – your PS5’s side plates are off, and the console is now much easier to transport!

We hope these tips on how to make your PS5 portable have been useful. It’s an unwieldy machine, but with a little work and some ingenuity, you can pretty much fit it into whatever luggage compartment or backpack you want (provided it’s the right size, of course!).    

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