PUBG Tips and Tricks: How to Become an Expert at PUBG?

Player unknown battleground gives you an immersive gaming experience irrespective of gaming with a console or a smartphone. The game’s main focus is about giving in what it takes to survive till you’re the last man standing. Naturally, this will take an amount of effort on your part.

Furthermore, you need to understand the mechanics and requirements for different situations in the game. With this article, you’ll get a step closer to becoming a pro PUBG player. Also, you should get some undetected PUBG cheats and hacks at https://battlelog.co/pubg-hacks/.

Tips and tricks to help you become an expert in PUBG

  1. Don’t be too loud

PUBG is a survival game, meaning that it focuses more on survival than on getting too many kills. This implies that you have to use every tool at your disposal to avoid unnecessary fights – a major defense is your stealth.

Stealth helps conceal your presence and gives you the benefit of surprise over an unsuspecting enemy. Walking around will reduce the loudness of your footsteps. You can still take off your shoes for an increased effect.

  1. Avoid being an easy shot.

Most game guides will emphasize always being on the move. The same applies when playing PUBG. Always be on the move to make it difficult for an opponent to have a good aim at you.

Also, when you’re in an open space, you should avoid running in a straight line. It makes it easy for an opponent to get a good aim at you, even when you’re in motion. So instead, run in a snake-like or zigzag motion.

  1. Always have a cover nearby.

Positional advantage can be the difference between life and death in a survival game such as PUBG. A good position should always have good covers around to help minimize your chances of being hit.

There are plenty of buildings, rocks, and vehicles littered around the map that you can use as covers. However, you should destroy the tires of vehicles you intend to use as cover. That way, it makes it impossible for an opponent to shoot you from under the vehicle.

  1. Take calculated risks

Always calculate the risks involved in any fight avoid fights that look like a dead end. If you find out you’re heavily outnumbered, you shouldn’t wait for anyone to tell you to run. Before engaging in any fight, try to have a mental picture of all possible escape routes as well as flanks you can use to take an opponent by surprise. Learn to stand back and observe.

  1. You’ll still get caught up in fights, be prepared.

You can avoid fights all you want, but one thing is always sure – you’ll still have to put that gun to use. This is the main difference between you and many pro gamers. They always anticipate enemies. Furthermore, your ability to predict an opponent’s next move is an added advantage.

The ending part of the game will leave you on a smaller map with a handful of opponents. Unfortunately, at this point, there’s no way you can completely avoid being caught in a fight or two. So, make sure your weapons are always drawn, except you’re trying to gain some speed when running.

  1. Have strategies in place before the game

You must never get into any PUBG match without having a game plan in place. You can always plan ahead of the game even while you’re still in the aircraft. In every match, spend some time learning the map and the location of the best loot items.

You can also decide whether or not you have the strength to survive hot spots in the game and whether to land in them. Of course, the pros always have this figured out, which is pretty much the reason why they play the game with so much ease.


PUBG requires you to stay alive, and not much of that kill streak. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t get caught in some fights, be ready for them. Also, you should be prepared to take some risks, but you should make sure you only take calculated risks and run when necessary. Lastly, use stealth to your advantage – it will save you a lot.

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