Top Call of Duty: Cold War Multiplayer Tips for Better Gameplay Today

Cold War Multiplay game is still challenging for many. But you don’t have to worry. The pros are still grinding in the game, constantly coming up with upgraded tips to help you do better in your games.

In this article, we will be sharing some of the tricks used by pros. Those same tips they apply for stunning moves during their streaming sessions will also help you perform better. In addition, some cold war hacks and cheats, plus these tips, will help boost your game incredibly.

Top tips for Call of Duty Cold War Multiplayer

  1. Upgrade your guns fast

You probably just enjoy getting those fancy skins as you advance in the game and the gun’s fire rate. While these things come with an amount of satisfaction, it adds in no way to your winning the game.

The most important things you should focus on about your guns are the attachments you get on them. Different attachments serve you best in different situations; you only have to choose which one you’ll sacrifice for the other.

  1. Cold War is no place to be taken unawares.

A soldier who lets his guards down on a battlefield is as good as dead. You can liken the situation to what happens in Cold War when you decide to just be at a standstill without shooting or moving. You should always stay aware of your surrounding since an enemy can creep up on you from any angle.

Thankfully, many perks in the game make it possible to keep an eye on your immediate environment. Proximity mines, field mics, and spy planes are very valuable perks that will help you have a good view of your rear, so don’t hesitate to get them when the battles get tougher. But, more importantly, your eyes should never leave the minimap.

  1. Learn some positions for an upper hand

Maps in most first-person shooter games go a long way in determining the outcome of a particular match. Therefore, it is important to spend some time learning the maps. In addition, it makes it easier for you to memorize common sightlines and peek spots.

It makes it a lot easier for you to avoid locations that are most likely to be used as traps. You also get to know different places where your enemies will possibly emerge from. It helps you to avoid those places or keep your guard up in anticipation of whatever comes. 

  1. Customize your FOV

Your field of view is one thing you should never take for granted, irrespective of what genre of video games you’re playing. Just about everything in FPS games depends on your FOV – what would you be able to do with bad eyesight? Just in case you don’t know, FOV is a setting in your game that determines how much of the environment you can see on your screen at any time.

We recommend that you don’t raise the slider too high. The reason is that you’ll easily lose focus when you have so many things to look at. Instead, keep your field of view low, just enough to let you focus on the task at hand.

  1. Staying in one position is a no!

The ping option in many FPS games allows players to call out the location of enemies to other members of their team. You know what that means if you’re still at the same spot when they arrive. You might also have a sniper trying to fix his crosshair on your head.

Therefore, you should always leave a cover if your position gets blown. Try not to shoot from behind the same cover twice; you might just be putting your head in the path of a moving bullet. Also, use the pinging tool to inform your teammates about the location of an enemy. 


Nobody ever stays in the same skill level when he spends time practicing consistently. So, take your time to know your map and customize your FOV to help you get a good view of your surroundings.

Furthermore, always stay alert to avoid being flanked by enemies. Lastly, your guns will walk you up to victory, so make sure you upgrade them, getting useful attachments to improve them as soon as you can.

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