The 10 Best Sports Games On PS5

When it comes to sports gaming, there aren’t many better platforms out there than the PS5. The list of PS5 sports games is fairly small at the moment, which is to say that the game library for the console as a whole hasn’t been filled out yet. However, there’s a wealth of PS4 games to check out, and there are certainly a handful of excellent sports experiences developed specifically for the console.

It’s an unfortunate fact that the PS5 no longer comes with a web browser, so if you’re after a different kind of sports experience, you can’t hit up sports betting pages anymore. Luckily, you can still check out sites like PowerPlay Canada on your desktop browser or PS4 if you’re after a way to bet on sports for real money. However, if you want to play some sports sims, the PS5 is the way to go. Here are the 10 best sports games on PS5 right now.

1. FIFA 22

The beautiful game returns once more. There are rumours that this could be the last EA football game under the FIFA banner; EA is reportedly considering changing the name in order to avoid costly licensing issues. If this does turn out to be FIFA’s final outing, it’s a fine one indeed, full of careful, considered football and reams of gameplay options to tweak. Ultimate Team is still unfortunately predatory, but FIFA 22 is an excellent football game nonetheless.

2. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2

Technically, this pair of PlayStation 1 remakes are actually PS4 games, but Sony released an upgrade for the PS5, so you can grab that if you got the last-gen version. The devs have done a fantastic job of translating the frenetic, fast-paced action of the Tony Hawk games to modern console gaming; all of the things you loved about the originals, including the iconic maps and objectives, are all here. You don’t need to have played the originals to love Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2, so make sure you check this package out.

3. NBA 2K22

Predatory microtransactions aside, NBA 2K22 still presents a fantastic game of basketball, if you can get past its relentless desire to plunder the depths of your wallet. The game itself is fluid, strategic, and well-observed, and all of your favourite players and teams are likely to be represented in the game’s extensive roster. The My Career mode is better than it’s ever been, presenting a fully-fledged (if somewhat shonky) rags-to-riches narrative.

4. MLB The Show 21

Another excellent sports game sadly ruined by the greed and avarice of its publishers, MLB The Show 21 is a great baseball game let down by its overreliance on microtransactions. It’s a shame, because there are few sports sims as comprehensive and well-realised as this one. The game looks beautiful on PS5, and the range of options it has to tweak and change is absolutely staggering, so if you’re a baseball aficionado and you can resist the calls to spend, then MLB The Show 21 is the only game you need.

5. NHL 22

Despite the sins of the gaming industry coming to light right now, EA has managed to escape from harassment allegations relatively unscathed. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for the company’s microtransaction strategy, which is aggressive in games like the aforementioned FIFA and also NHL, which doesn’t escape that classification this year, either. The hockey is great, as it always is, and you’ll find plenty to love if you’re a franchise fan, but EA really needs to stop digging for gold.

6. Rocket League

Okay, so this one is neither a native PS5 game nor a verité-style sports sim, but it’s definitely one of the greatest sports experiences available on your PlayStation. Rocket League can be summed up with the simple summary “cars play football”, but it’s much more than that. Each game presents opportunity upon opportunity for hilarious physics-based chaos, and there are plenty of unlockables to collect, too. Pro tip: don’t drive straight for the ball at kickoff. You’re welcome.

7. Sportsfriends

This multiplayer party game is best enjoyed while moderately inebriated with a group of people you know (or, better yet, don’t). The range of minigames on offer presents plenty of opportunities to fall over and generally make a complete fool of yourself, and while nothing here is on the same level as a trad sports sim, there’s a surprising level of depth to some of the minigames. Obviously, Sportsfriends isn’t going to be something you enjoy for a long time, but it’s great for get-togethers.

8. Lonely Mountains: Downhill

There aren’t many cycling games available for modern consoles, which we think is a sin. Lonely Mountains: Downhill aims to rectify that problem. It’s a calm, casual game that removes distractions, leaving just the rider, the terrain, and a series of optional objectives to complete. Making your way down Lonely Mountains’ various trails is a Zen-like exercise in minimalist gameplay reduction, but it’s also pretty cheeky, throwing in unexpected jumps or turns every so often to spice things up.

9. Pro Evolution Soccer 2019

You can’t get Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 from the PlayStation Store anymore, so you’ll have to hunt down a physical copy if you want to play it. Doing so is worth it, though, as this was arguably the last time Konami’s football franchise was good, before it slipped into the ignominious position of the worst-reviewed game on Steam (yes, really). PES 2019 reminds us of when Konami still cared about videogames and still cared about creating a good football sim.

10. Fire Pro Wrestling World

It’s really not worth playing 2K’s terrible WWE franchise anymore, so if you’re after some wrestling fun, then Fire Pro Wrestling World is the best way to experience this over-the-top sport. Obviously, the action is much more arcade-like than it is in the more realistic 2K alternative, but Fire Pro Wrestling World successfully captures the spirit of professional wrestling. It’s over-the-top, surprisingly technical, and lots of fun if you gather some friends.       

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