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The Best PS5 Wall Mounts

Let’s face it: the PS5 is a beast of a machine. We’re not just talking about its processing power, although that’s certainly not to be sniffed at. No, we’re referring to another much-discussed aspect of the console; its massive size. You might well struggle to get your PS5 into your TV table or under your display, such is its colossal girth and sheer presence.

One option you could consider if you’re struggling in this regard is to pick up a PS5 wall mount. If you’re able to, mounting your PS5 on the wall would solve your space worries. With the right mount, it could even be a stylish and attractive addition to your gaming space. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best PS5 wall mount options you can pick up right now.

Dynas PS5 Wall Mount and Controller Bundle

Let’s start with unquestionably the best PS5 wall mount option you could look at right now. This Dynas wall mount bundle doesn’t just have space for your console; it also comes with two slots for your DualSense controllers, so it truly is an all-purpose PS5 wall mount for everything you could possibly need. This bundle is sleek, stylish, and unobtrusive; it places all the emphasis on your console and doesn’t detract from the PS5’s good looks, making it ideal if you want something showy and unfussy. Naturally, this mount supports both models and is ultra-secure in its fitting as well.

Dynas PS5 Wall Mount

If you don’t feel like you need the extra controller storage space, Dynas also sells a version of its PS5 wall mount without the additional prongs for your DualSense peripherals. As above, this is the best wall mounting solution you can get for your PS5; it’s slim, minimalist, and functional, meaning that it won’t ever suddenly give out from under your machine and cause untold damage and stress. You can use this one with both PS5 models, of course, and it’s constructed from steel, so you know it’s built to last.

sciuU Wall Mount for PS5 Disc and Digital Editions

Constructed from thick metal, the sciuU PS5 wall mount is one of the sturdiest and most secure ways you can mount your console to the wall. It doesn’t quite have the support of the Dynas model – it’s essentially a super-durable shelf that you affix to the wall – but it will more than do the job. Like most wall mounts, this one supports both the Disc and Digital Editions of the console, so whichever option you go for, you know this mount will do what you need it to. The mount comes complete with wall screws and anchors, so you won’t need to pick up anything else to set it up (short of a screwdriver).

Hosanwell PS5 Wall Mount with Controller and Headset Stands

If you’ve managed to pick up the PS5’s official Pulse 3D headset, you might want somewhere to store that as well. That’s where the Hosanwell PS5 wall mount option comes in. Like the Dynas model, this one has space for two DualSense controllers, but it also has a handy hook right at the bottom where you can put your headset. It looks stylish and doesn’t get in the way of the console’s design, and it also comes complete with a 2-way charging cable so you can charge both of your controllers while your console is not in use!

Hosanwell Shelf-Style PS5 Wall Mount

Another great option from Hosanwell, this mount is much simpler and has fewer accoutrements than its cousin above, but it’s still an excellent option if you are looking to wall mount your PS5. Its thatched ventilation holes at the back are rather fetching, so it’s almost a shame the console covers them up, although the PS5 is what you’re going to want to be looking at most of the time anyway. Elsewhere, it’s business as usual; a very functional, very unobtrusive design that will look at home in any gaming setup and won’t cause any issues while it’s installed on your wall.

Floating Grip PS5 Wall Mount

This PS5 wall mount option is just a little more unusual than its compatriots. It uses an intriguing locking rope mechanism to hold your PS5 in place; rather than a stand or a metal mooring, it has an emphasis on simplicity that the other mounts in this list necessarily lack. When you first pick up the Floating Grip mount, you’d be forgiven for thinking that there’s no way it could hold your console, but that’s not the case; when installed properly, it does the job admirably. You can also tilt the console slightly away from the wall to ensure maximum ventilation space, which is a primary concern with any gaming machine.

Life Up Wall Mount Hanger

You’ll need to orient your PS5 a certain way if you want to get the most out of this PS5 wall mount, but if you do, it makes for an excellent lower-cost option. It won’t set you back as much as the other options on this list, so if you’re looking for a wall mount that doesn’t break the bank, this is your choice. It comes complete with a gap at the bottom to allow for the console’s ventilation. Some users suggest you might need to add a little extra foam if you want to fully protect your console, but we found this wasn’t necessary, so it’s really up to you.

These are some of the best PS5 wall mounts available on the market right now. The choice isn’t as vast as it could be, but we’re sure that with more time – and more gamers complaining of limited space – the wall mount market will expand significantly. You could do much worse than a lot of the options on this list, but if you’re a DIY-minded individual, then why not give making your own wall mount a go? Just make sure it’s strong enough to bear the console’s considerable weight!

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