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Top 12 PS5 Tips & Tricks You May Not Know About

The PS5 is a pretty cool next-gen console packed with useful features. Some, however, are less pronounced than others. Below, we’ve put together a list of 12 tips and tricks that will help you get the most out of your Sony console.

Quick Mute All Your Audio

Gaming can take several hours of your day. During this time, somebody may want to have a quick chat. Or you may have some crazy setup that routes your phone or Discord into your headphones. Whatever the case, you can quickly mute all of your PS5 audio by holding down the mute mic button.

Default Mode Settings for All Games

Like most gamers, you probably play games roughly with the same settings. Adjusting stuff like difficulty settings, performance mode, camera movement, and language settings every time you boot up a new gets old fast. Luckily, the PS5 allows you to set defaults for all of these settings. From the Settings menu, navigate to Saved Data and Game/App Settings, and you’ll be able to adjust your defaults for all your games.

Set Up Spoiler Warnings

If you’ve got trigger-happy friends who tend to share every little in-game accomplishment, undoubtedly, you’ve been burnt by spoilers a few times. The PS5 allows you to enable spoiler warnings for content your gamer friends share with you. You can adjust this setting in the Saved Data and Game/App Settings menu.

Easily Clean Your Console

Remember when your PS4 would get clogged up and sounding like a jet engine? That’s probably something you’d like to avoid with your PS5. Thankfully, Sony has made it far easier to clean it. Simply remove the side panels and grab a vacuum cleaner or compressed air to remove dust from the fans and exhausts. Doing so reasonably regularly will keep your PS5 going for years to come.

Alternative Typing Methods

Typing on a controller can be tedious when using the D-pad and analog sticks. The DualSense, though, boasts two more methods that make inputting text a breeze. The first is using the touchpad as a mouse. Simply move your finger around the pad and lightly tap it to click. Alternatively, you can use text-to-speech. Simply select the mic icon next to whatever text input space you’re using and speak into the controller’s built-in mic.

Turn Off Your Controller

The DualSense is a fantastic controller, but its battery life isn’t the best. You can conserve its energy by turning it off when you need to step away from your game. Hold down the PS home button for about 10 seconds until the light indicator turns off, and you get a notification on your screen.

Save Storage Space

As impressive as the PS5’s SSD is, it lacks available storage space. While you can’t extend it for PS5 games, you can still use external storage for PS4 games. Just plug in a compatible external hard drive, go to Storage settings, and select Format as Extended Storage. Doing so will make your drive selectable for installing PS4 titles.

Switch Off Trophy Clipping

The 15-second clips your PS5 takes every time you earn a Trophy can quickly clutter up your space. If you’re not fussed about taking shots of your accomplishments for posterity, head over to the Captures and Broadcasts menu under Settings. There, you can disable videos and screenshots under the Trophies tab. Alternatively, you can reduce the clip length.

Access the Internet Browser

The PS5 doesn’t officially have a web browser you can freely use. However, there’s a hidden one you can access with a bit of trickery. Head over to Users and Accounts in the Settings, then select Link with Other Services. Choose Link your account to Twitter, followed by selecting the Twitter icon at the top. Doing so will open up a browser that can browse Twitter. By clicking on links found on the social media platform, you can open up other websites. It’s not an ideal browsing situation but makes for a cool party trick.

Swap Between PS4 and PS5 Versions of Games

Most of the PS5’s library is comprised of games that also have PS4 versions. You can freely swap between versions through the Home menu by selecting Options. There are a couple of reasons you’ll want to use this trick. For one, you’ll be able to play multiplayer when you only have one DualSense and a spare DS4. Another reason is games, like Guilty Gear Strive, which don’t allow most PS4 compatible controllers to work with their PS5 version.

Control Center Customization

You can tailor the Control Center of your PS5 to your own needs. Tap your PS Home button on your controller to bring it up. After it comes up, select Options on your DualSense to open up the customization screen. Once there, you can pick which items you want your Control Center to have.

Check Your Playtime Stats

You can check how much time you’ve spent on your games. Simply navigate to your profile icon on the Home screen. Select Profile, followed by Games, and there you’ll see the Stats option to check out your progress and trophies.

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