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The Best Ethernet Cable For PS5

When it comes to online gaming, Ethernet is generally a superior option over Wi-Fi. Why is that? Well, cable connections

PS5 Home PS5 Home 7 Min Read

PS4 vs. PS5

And the masses are going crazy! Any and every PlayStation fanatic is eagerly awaiting the PlayStation 5 and all we

PS5 Home PS5 Home 4 Min Read

10 Esports Games We’d Love To See On PS5

The PS5 is a truly wonderful console, and one of the areas in which it excels is esports gaming. Thanks

PS5 Home PS5 Home 7 Min Read

How Will the PS5 Support Esports?

The PlayStation 5 will enter a video game industry much different to the games industry that facilitated the launch of

PS5 Home PS5 Home 6 Min Read

Can You Play Street Fighter 5 On PS5?

The Street Fighter series is one of the oldest and most well-respected in gaming. Although the original Street Fighter is

PS5 Home PS5 Home 7 Min Read

PlayStation 5 Launches In UK To Widespread Shortages

The wait is over...for some people. Sony’s newest console, the PlayStation 5, has officially launched in the UK. It’s been

PS5 Home PS5 Home 6 Min Read

PS5 and Universal Gaming: What’s The Next Step?

Sony’s recent comments suggests that a PlayStation 5 is definitely being worked upon. In a recent interview, the words “PS4

PS5 Home PS5 Home 5 Min Read
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