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How Many PS5 Consoles Have Been Sold To Date?

If you’ve been following the sales progress of the PS5, you may know that the console is, to put it simply, phenomenally popular. The console represents not only Sony’s biggest

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Games That Make it Worth Buying a PlayStation 5

The argument that it isn't worth buying a PS5 yet is quite valid. The console is woefully overpriced and scarce

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Things to expect from PlayStation5

The PS5 is almost on the horizon and this well might be the best console that this humankind has ever

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How the Covid-19 is going to Impact the Playstation 5

The Coronavirus or the so called Covid-19 has been disastrous to most of the countries around the globe. The Covid-19

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The 5 Best Upcoming and Confirmed PS5 Games

If you are looking forward to the launch of the PlayStation 5 as much as we are then you are going to love this little list that we have put

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PS5 Accessories: The Best to Consider

With the PS5’s release just around the corner (November 19th/12th depending on where you live), Sony have confirmed several accessories

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7 Great Games Like Escape From Tarkov On PS5

If you haven’t played Escape from Tarkov yet - and you have a relatively beefy PC rig - then we’d

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PS5 Camera – Is It Worth Having?

Along with the PlayStation 5 itself, Sony also announced a slew of PS5 peripherals when the machine was revealed last

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PS5 Accessories

What Is A Single Use Restricted PS5?

We’re almost two years into the PS5’s life cycle now, and Sony’s newest console is showing no signs of slowing

The 10 Best Games On PlayStation Plus Premium

After the June reboot, the highest PlayStation Plus tier you can currently buy is the Premium tier. It’ll cost you

How To Reset PS5 Controller

According to Sony, the goal for the PS5’s DualSense controller was to iterate on the DualShock 4 without taking away

The Best PS5 Travel Cases

The PS5 is a pretty unwieldy beast. When it was originally announced, the console became the subject of controversy for

Why Is The PS5 So Expensive?

In November 2020, Sony released the PlayStation 5 to almost unanimously positive reviews. Critics praised the console’s incredibly fast loading

The Best 4K Gaming Monitor – Does Desklab Make the PS5 Cut?

If you had a PlayStation or Xbox back in the day, you’d simply plug it into your TV and mash